Transform with relaxation, realization,
reawakening and realignment!

Micheley Angelina
Welcome to the Transformational Institute web site. We reach out to any of you who might be going through difficult times now.  It is a privilege to invite you to partner with us in surmounting these challenges with a purposeful transition plan to support your search for productive and creative solutions. Our times invite us to stretch into jump time; a potential for incredible blessings yet unseen so far by most.

In times of great need, we re-pattern ourselves. The needs call us. We invite you to work with us, jump with us, find your unique dormant capacities, your purposefulness, your problem solutions and your power bending tools.  Working together with group consciousness, we can draw out our imaginative humanness, ride the flux of things and transition into global regenesis. Each of us has so much to give.

We invite you to join us in programs planned for the coming two years to break through all our conditioned past learning. Whether the needs lead us into spiritual journeys or the rising hunger for spiritual journeys fills the needs around us, we are called to make a shift.  

Jump time finds us creative, amazed in discovery, challenged to all we want and believe we can be! Our success changes with our expanded stretch. Some can still create wealth in apparent economic hardship yet money may not heal their soul pain. Others create purposefulness first and then find their inner geysers gush with kaleidoscopes of magnificent manifestation!  

My jump time teachers hold me to task. Eleanor Roosevelt: “Do the things you think you can’t do.” Jean Houston, author of “Jump Time” declared me a “High Jumper.” Come work with us.  Hug the edge, believe, jump, fly! 


FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR: Rev. Micheley Angelina, CHT, CAMT, BS Psychology, HPHD Humanities. Micheley founded the Institute in January of 1985 and for the first 19 years traveled extensively to learn from oustanding teachers who trained her in a broad spectrum of body/mind/spirit modalities. As an interfaith minister and therapist certified in 40 different holistic health modalities she has traveled the lecture circuit internationally with her healing workshops. She is also a singer, musician, composer, dancer, mime, visual artist, published writer and awarded poet who brings her creative arts into all therapies, workshops and classes.

METHODS AND PHILOSOPHY: At the Transformational Institute, devotion to the process of your personal transformation; body, mind and spirit is the priority. Your individualized healing regimen is understood from a holistic point of view combining the spiritual and emotional with the mental and physical. You can customize your time spent with us using any combination of treatments to suit your needs. We use formulas of the purest natural ingredients and draw from ancient wisdom as well as contemporary modalities for health, beauty and healing. We believe that all our work to transform and heal our clients serves a higher universal good. Come to realign your soul, relax your physical body, reawaken your subtle energetic and soul bodies and make the mental realizations necessary to change during all the seasons of your life. .

LOCATION: We are located in a quiet, country setting surrounded by woods and gardens. Overnight stays are possible at nearby Inns. Our spacious treatment room accommodates side-by-side spa treatments, massages, regressions, therapies or spiritual readings and journeys for friends and couples. Workshops, lectures, exercise classes and training are available on a first come basis.

SCHEDULING: All appointments must be scheduled in advance. To protect the privacy of clients already in session, we do not take walk-ins.

"REGULARS:" Clients who come to us regularly for weekly, biweekly or monthly appointments receive special discounted rates. They not only save money, they also improve their health and longevity.

TRAVELING SERVICES: There is an additional $15.00 charge per hour to travel to your location for an appointment.



DISCOUNTS/SLIDING SCALE/EXCHANGES: We provide discounts for regular clients and participating business associates and organizations as well as a sliding scale and creative exchanges for those with extenuating circumstances.

NOTE: Please call for your own individual request for smoke and weight therapies.

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